The Travels of AM274 …

As mentioned last month, AM274 has left the shores of Washington State as she makes her way across the water to her new home in Europe.


This is where she has been to date:

1 )

Left our shop in two containers on Monday 3 March 2014 …

2 )

After being held up in Customs for a little more than a week, she finally made it on board a container ship and left the Port of Tacoma on Friday 21 March 2014 …

3 )

Sailed to the Port of Oakland where she waited a day and then headed farther south to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles on Wednesday 26 March 2014 …

4 )

She left the Port of Los Angeles late in the evening of 26 March and began making her way south to the Panama Canal where she arrived in the wee morning hours of Thursday 3 April 2014.

There she waited at anchor for a bit more than 8 hours before it was her turn to travel through the Panama Canal.

5 )

Once through the Canal she docked at the Port of Manzanillo for the rest of the night.

At about daybreak on Thursday 4 April 2014, she began making her way toward the Port of Savannah.

6 )

She arrived at the Port of Savannah on Tuesday 8 April 2014 where she spent the bulk of the day.

7 )

From Savannah, she had a short, little journey to the Port of Norfolk, where she arrived in the morning of Thursday 10 April and departed again around 9:30 pm (local time).

8 )

As I post this message now, she is patiently waiting at anchor just off Long Island, New York as she waits her turn to make it in to the Port of New York.


I don’t know what her next port of call will be, and won’t know until she gets into New York and begins her journey once more.

It has been fun following her progress, and I will continue to post her travels as she makes her way across the Atlantic Ocean as she gets ever closer to her new home in Europe!


Thanks for checking in on her!


~ H

Saying “Good-Bye” to AM 274

We had the pleasure of hosting the new owners of the Hawker Hurricane AM274 in our home from the 28th February through the 4th March.

It was an extremely busy weekend as we loaded … and the new owners secured … all the many parts of the airplane in the two shipping containers that had been dropped at the shop.

We built fixtures for the fuselage and the center section, and modified the fixtures we already had for the wings so that they would fit into the containers … then carefully installed the parts on the appropriate fixtures in preparation for their move.

After having spent the last half of January and the full month of February getting the airplane disassembled and onto the fixtures, then boxing, crating, wrapping, and bundling all the countless bits and pieces of wreckage and parts that went with the project … we were exhausted by the time the containers were filled and the doors closed and latched on Sunday night.

Early Monday morning we watched, as first the 40′ container … and then the 20′ container…  were connected to the tractors.  They then slowly pulled out of our driveway to begin their journey to the Port of Tacoma.  AM274 was scheduled to be loaded onto a container ship in just another two days to commence her voyage to her new home in Europe.

On Wednesday, the 5th March, we learned that Customs had some questions about the shipment ~  which meant she would not be sailing on Thursday the 6th as had been scheduled :-(

It took another week and a half to clear up all the questions and correct the paperwork, but the new owners (and we) celebrated when we learned that Customs had released the shipment.  AM274 was loaded onto another container ship that set sail from the Port of Tacoma on the 21st March.

I’ve had the pleasure of tracking her progress online and this is what I’ve learned so far:

Friday, 21 March 2014 she departed the Port of Tacoma, Washington …

Monday, 24 March 2014 she arrived and later departed the Port of Oakland, California …

She is now on her way to the Port of Los Angeles, California …………….

More updates to come.

~ H


I almost missed February

Wow!  We have been so busy getting the Hawker Hurricane AM274 disassembled, placed on shipping fixtures, and all it’s parts boxed and crated … we almost missed February!


It is with mixed emotions we have worked our way through this monumental task of getting her ready to move.  With ten years invested in the restoration of this wonderful airplane, she is almost like one of our kids.  It’s hard to realize she will soon be leaving us, and moving on to the next chapter in her life … but much like watching our children grow and mature and move forward in their lives … it is exciting to know that we will get to watch AM274 as she is reassembled and completed so that she can once again take to the skies over Europe!


We hope to be able to continue to make periodic updates here on our website as we learn of the progress the new owners are making with the restoration of AM274.


Hopefully you have all weathered the winter storms of 2014, and are beginning to see the same signs of spring that I am beginning to see beneath the snow as it melts.


I am certainly looking forward to Spring!


~ H


May we take this opportunity to wish one and all a gloriously Happy New Year!


We have been busy, busy, busy … between family commitments during the holidays, working on the Spirit of St. Louis project, and working on the sale of the Hawker Hurricane AM274 … it seems there is never a dull moment!


Happily, we have reached an agreement on the sale of the Hawker Hurricane AM274.


She has been a HUGE part of our lives over the past ten years as John has worked diligently toward her authentic restoration.  We have had many groups come through the shop to witness the progress we have been making on this huge project, and we appreciate all the support we have received through the years we have been working on her.


We feel confident that we will hear she is ready for her maiden flight in the not-too-distant future, and we will keep you updated as we learn of her progress!


Thanks for your interest in this monumental project over the years!


Have a wonderful 2014!


Merry Christmas 2013

Here we are, just days away from Christmas 2013.

We have just experienced a bit of a white, winter, wonderland here in our little neck of the woods … but fortunately (in our humble opinion) the temperatures have risen and the lovely ‘white stuff’ has all but disappeared.

Neither John or I are particularly fond of that white stuff right down at our elevation!  It’s lovely to see when we don’t have to go ‘out in it’, or to see as it dusts the mountaintops off in the distance … but we would prefer it NOT blanket the areas we move around in!


For those of you who appreciate the snow more than we do, we hope you get a chance to get out and play in some of that cold, wet, white stuff this season ~ but don’t get too cold while you are out there having fun!


We would like to extend our heartfelt wishes for each and every one of you to have a very Merry Christmas and an especially Happy New Year ~ from our house, to yours!



Thanksgiving 2013

On the fourth Thursday of every November, here in the United States, we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday.

In Canada the celebration is on the second Monday in October.

I’m sure there are similar kinds of holidays in other countries, though they are likely called something different than “Thanksgiving” … and they take place on different days than here in North America.

Regardless of whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, or another similar holiday … we are certainly thankful for all the many blessings we have had bestowed upon us.

Our remarkably warm, dry weather this fall has had me working outside far longer into the season than I am usually able to … and I assure you, the Clydesdales have appreciated the attention they have received because of it!

John has been making progress on the Spirit of St. Louis replica ~ completing the wing spars, and getting the ribs in place; cutting out all the wing hardware, and getting them installed on the spars.

I hope to soon be spending more time at the computer getting more photographs uploaded with descriptions to share the progress on the Spirit of St. Louis with all of you wonderfully, faithful followers.

For those of you living in North America, we hope you ALL had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration surrounded by those you love the most.

~ H