The British Hawker Hurricane 

AM 274

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We have taken many photographs along our restoration journey.  We have posted them here,  along with details of the restoration process as the years have gone by.

We invite you to click on the links below to read more about our restoration journey and to see photographs of the process we have followed in our efforts to put this magnificent bird back in the air.

2003       2004       2005       2006       2007       2008       2009       2010       2011      2012       Postscript




Several articles have been written about AM 274 around the world.   We have supplied links (below) to the articles we are aware of.

 Avions ~ by Eric Janssonne

Aeroplane   ~ by Mark Sheppard ~ September 2009

The First and the Last ~ by the Hawker Hurricane Society 

~Summer 2009  

~Winter 2009 

~Spring 2010  

Flightpath ~ by Eric Janssonne 

FlyPast ~ by Nigel Price 

Hurricane Salute ~ Special Edition by FlyPast 

Les Cahiers du RSA ~ by Eric Janssonne 

Warbird Digest ~ by Kris Hull  

Wings ~ by Mark Sheppard 

Skagit Valley Herald ~ by Mark Stayton ~ 23 December 2012 


Hawker icon


We have color-coded these construction diagrams to show which parts of our Hawker Hurricane AM 274 are:

 ~original Hawker Hurricane AM 274 parts,

~original Hawker Hurricane parts from “donor” aircraft no longer flying,

~and Newly manufactured parts.

Click on the link to see the construction diagrams for the Hawker Hurricane AM 274:

Center Section ~ Fuselage ~

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