Hawker Hurricane AM274

John purchased the wreckage from three different Hawker Hurricanes in 2003.  Once he got the wreckage home and laid it all out on the floor of his workshop , he discovered the identification numbers for the Hawker Hurricane AM274.  That was the beginning of ten years worth of work to begin to restore the aircraft back to flying condition once more.

We have spent untold hours researching the history of this fine aircraft, and we have shared what we have learned in our AM274 pages. 

We took pictures all along the way as John cleaned, inspected and repaired original AM274 parts to use once again on the aircraft.  We also took pictures of the original Hawker Hurricane parts we purchased that came from other wreckage as we attempted to restore AM274 with as many authentic, original Hawker Hurricane parts as we possibly could.  Then finally, we took photographs of the parts that John made from new materials when we simply could not find the parts off any original Hawker Hurricane wrecks.

The entire process of the restoration (to date) has been documented in our AM274 pages on this website.

It was always John’s intention to eventually sell AM274, though he had hoped to be able to complete the restoration and get her flying again before he let her go.  However, we now find ourselves in a position of needing more space than we have available to us in order to be able to complete the definitive reproduction Spirit of St. Louis in the amount of time we have left before the tour commences!

Therefore, John has decided it is now time to list his Hawker Hurricane AM274 ~ FOR SALE ~

John has over 9,000 hours of labor in the restoration so far, but he is only looking to recoup the actual cash amount he has put into it over the past ten years, as he desperately needs the space the aircraft takes up in his shop.  The sale price is for the aircraft under restoration, as well as the artifacts we have on display that came off the original aircraft, and the set of auxiliary fuel tanks (drop tanks) we purchased to go with the aircraft.

You can learn more about the status of the AM274 projec,t and what goes with it, by visiting our “For Sale” page.  

~ H