JNE Aircraft

JNE Aircraft, LLC has been in business in the Pacific Northwest since 1988*.


We specialize in the “ART” of aircraft restoration.  We practice this art in order to return aircraft and their many parts to airworthy condition.


We have ongoing projects that we will attempt to display on these pages so that interested individuals may check back from time to time to see the progress being made.


Our current project is one John had been pondering for more than 30 years.  He has always been intrigued with:

the story … 

the construction … 

and history making flight of …

The Spirit of St. Louis

John began collecting items to build an exact replica several years ago. 

Finally in early 2012, he began construction on this project. 

We hope you will enjoy following along as we post the progress he makes building this iconic aircraft.



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*Originally we were “Norman Enterprises Aircraft Restoration Services”.  In 2001 we became “JNE Aircraft Restoration Services”  (to separate ourselves from another Norman Enterprises company) and finally in 2010 we became “JNE Aircraft, LLC”