John has been involved in a number of projects over the years.  Some of them were simple ‘ground – up’ creations that he built from ‘scratch’ ~ while others were true restorations that began with a ‘skeleton’ of some sort or another.

Here we have displayed some of the projects John has worked on through the years.  Click on the project title link below, to view more photographs and learn more details about each project.

Replica 1933 Pietenpol Air Camper

… completed in 1984 and sold in 1985

Pietenpol July 1985

 This Pietenpol Air Camper was the first ‘flyable’ aircraft that John built.  He powered the aircraft with a highly modified Model “A” Ford engine.


1946 Aeronca Champ

… completed and sold in 1997

In 1995, John bought an Aeronca Champ “project” that he found in Puyallup, Washington.  He began a ‘ground – up’ restoration as he tore the airplane down to its ‘bare bones’ in order to fully inspect the structure.  Over the next two years he worked on it as he could until he had her airworthy once more.


2001 Norman-JW Monster Motorcycle . . .


 John began building this motorcycle as a way to incorporate a little bit of everything he’d ever done ~

Utilizing his abundant, varied, skills … he welded … machined … cut … cast … sewed … and simply “Created” … this custom “Monster” motorcycle!



1932 Plymouth Transformation ~ sold in 2013

32Ply Lside

 In October 2002 John purchased this 1932 Plymouth 4-door sedan project with the idea we would eventually find the time to do SOMETHING with it!  The body was in wonderful condition and it looked to be a straightforward restoration project.  But a straightforward restoration didn’t seem to be what John was looking for … 



British Hawker Hurricane AM274

6-28-12 wings onedited

 Our most long-term, restoration project that John began in July 2003.  Starting with nothing but wreckage from three different Hawker Hurricanes that had crashed in Russia during World War II … John continued working on this restoration for eleven years before the project was sold and moved to Belgium.



1946 Taylorcraft BC12-D sold in 2010

port side Tcraftedited

 This is one of two Taylorcraft BC12-D projects that found their way to JNE Aircraft Restoration Services in April 2007.  John began a ‘ground – up’ restoration of this aircraft that he continued to work on until a buyer located the aircraft in 2009 and took the bird to Wisconsin to complete himself.


Reproduction Hawker Hurricane Canopy completed in 2007

canopy from forward position

In May 2007, John was contacted by Dr. Cheri L. Wolfe, curator of the Alcon Eye Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.  Dr. Wolfe was interested in finding a Hawker Hurricane Canopy to use in an exhibition she was creating that would be devoted to telling the history of cataract surgery; and the story of Dr. Harold Ridley.  She wanted the same type canopy as would have been found on the Hawker Hurricane that Gordon Neil “Mouse” Cleaver had flown.  Cleaver was a pilot in the 601 Squadron at RAF Tangmere during World War II. The injuries he received during The Battle of Britain contributed to the inspiration behind the Intraocular lens that we are familiar with today.


Stewart Foo-Fighter ~ static display completed in 2007


In early August 2007 this “Stewart Foo-Fighter” was sent to JNE Aircraft Restoration Services to be completed as a static display for the owner’s landscape supply business. 



1940 Piper J-3 Cub sold in 2012

J-3 Cubedited

 In January 2010 John purchased a ‘basket case’ J-3 Cub project to replace the 1946 Taylorcraft project he had been working on.  As with the Taylorcraft, this was a ‘ground – up’ restoration that he worked on until a buyer located the Cub and decided he could not live without it! 


Definitive Reproduction of the Spirit of St. Louis …

started in 2012

For many years John has had a desire to build an exact replica of the aircraft that changed the course of aviation around the world … the famed “Spirit of St. Louis” … the aircraft built by the Ryan Company of San Diego, California for Charles Lindbergh who flew the aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean, non-stop, from New York to Paris in May 1927.


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