Rudder Cover ~

Summer has come to an end, and Autumn has made her way in.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing wonderfully warm and dry days though the nights are certainly feeling more like typical Fall weather here.


With the higher humidity in the air, it makes the covering process a bit trickier than it would be if we had been able to start the covering job this past summer.

However, we do not want to put the “cart before the horse” with our project, so even though we had gorgeous weather this past summer … it simply was not the TIME to begin the covering.


John has decided it IS time now to go ahead and begin covering some of the smaller parts of the “Spirit by JNE”.

The rudder was his first choice.

We will be able to put it into one of the smaller rooms in the shop where we can turn the heat on, keep the heat at a steady temperature and reduce the humidity to an acceptable level as it dries.


photo 1 photo 2

photo 4 photo 5































Above: John is covering the rudder with Grade A cotton and sealing the overlapping fabric with butyrate dope in preparation for the first stage of “shrinking” the fabric.


~ H