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JNE Aircraft is a small, one-man, aircraft restoration shop located in the Pacific Northwest. 

John Norman is an FAA certified A&P mechanic who also maintains his IA certification.

Though many different projects have made their way through the shop over the years, probably the most interesting has been the definitive reproduction Spirit of St. Louis.   

Despite the many challenges encountered along the way, the Phase One Flight Testing (as required by the FAA) was completed during the summer of 2021. 

With THAT hurdle accomplished, the airplane then became the subject of a documentary film!

POSTER-A Dream Takes Flight.png

This film is about building and flying the definitive reproduction "SPIRIT of St. LOUIS"

... but it is also about the "DREAM" John had to accomplish the feat ...

and the exhilaration we all experienced when she finally did


We were able to show this film to a 'test audience' at the Museum of Flight in Seattle in June 2022

where we received valuable feedback from the audience. That feedback helped us in making changes to the film prior to submitting it to the Sundance , Boulder and Seattle Film Festivals for consideration to premier the film during one of the Festivals to be held in early 2024 .

In December 2023 we learned that with only 150 slots available and more than 17,400 submissions received, Sundance would NOT be premiering our film.

In February 2024 we learned that Boulder had also decided they did not have room in their line-up to be able to show our film.  Now we wait to hear from Seattle.

Once we have “cleared” the Film Festival requirements for 2024,

we will be able to make the film publicly available to those who would like to watch it.

We will post the details here, once the film is ready for public viewing.

In the meantime, feel free to watch the trailer for the movie by clicking on the button below:

Thank You for your patience as we await the premier of:


Click this link to read media coverage on the projects

Visit our YouTube channel to watch videos & learn more. 

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