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We are a small, one-man, aircraft restoration shop owned and operated by an FAA certified A&P mechanic who also maintains his IA certification; located in the Pacific Northwest.

Though many different projects have made their way through the shop over the years, probably the most interesting has been the definitive reproduction Spirit of St. Louis.   Despite the many challenges encountered along the way, the Phase One Flight Testing (as required by the FAA) was completed during the summer of 2021. 

With THAT hurdle accomplished, the airplane is now the subject of a documentary film about building and flying this iconic replica aircraft.

1-Karlena SOSL photo leaving Lopez.jpg

Documentary Coming Soon:

The FIRST TRAILER was released when we thought we would start flying in March 2022 so it ends with "Coming Summer 2022"

... but Mother Nature had a different plan. 

We missed the deadline to enter the film in the 2023 Sundance Festival but we're still eligible for the 2024 Festival!   


In the meantime, you can watch our "PRACTICE RUN" with the Cessna 206 taking the place of the Spirit of St. Louis by JNE as we got cameras set for the 'real deal' flying to come.

Click this link to read media coverage on the projects

Click to view the merchandise we currently have available

Visit our YouTube channel to watch videos & learn more. 

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