In the late spring of 2003, John responded to a listing by Ed Zalesky of Airplane Supply Centre in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada; for 3-Hawker Hurricane wrecks he had listed for sale.  The listing included these photographs to give any potential buyer an idea of what was available in the package of parts.

1. AM274Oct21-97edited.jpg
2. AM274Oct21-97-3edited.jpg
3.  AM274Oct21-97-4edited.jpg
4. AM274Oct21-97-5edited.jpg

After meeting with Ed and his son Mark in Blaine; John crawled through the shipping containers where the wreckage was stored in order to see what other parts were available in this 'package' of wreckage.  

Once satisfied that the 'package' contained enough salvageable parts, John and Ed came to an agreement on the price and John purchased the wreckage.

After moving all the wreckage from Blaine to his property in Burlington, Washington; John laid out all the pieces in order to see EXACTLY what he had purchased.

5. HHwreck3edited.jpg
6. HHwreck2edited.jpg

There was a center section with a few fuselage tubes ... some joints ... and some wing skin still attached ...

and a second Hawker Hurricane center section with even more of the cockpit area still intact ...

7. AM274Origedited.jpg

There was a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine still in place on another center section that turned out to be the Hawker Hurricane AM274 ...

... along with a variety of bits and pieces  of smaller sized Hurricane wreckage ...

8. HurricanePartsedited.jpg
9. Wing1edited.jpg

... and one set of Hawker Hurricane wings.  


Here we see the port side wing with a large section missing in the middle of the wing.

Many folks who saw the wreckage were amazed that John had spent any money at all to purchase this wreckage! 


I'm sure they were wondering if John had finally just lost his mind, as many remarked that they would not have taken the wreckage if it had been GIVEN to them!


SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY IS ON ITS WAY!!! Please check back often for updates!