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JNE Merchandise

Our current stock of merchandise is listed on this page.

Click on the "Order" link below and list what merchandise you wish to receive in the email text box.

We are not a traditional online merchant and we do not have a credit card processing account.

You can pay through PayPal by directing payment to: @jnespirit ... or you can pay by check.

We will provide a mailing address to send your check to if you indicate you prefer to pay by check in your email.

We apologize for any inconvenience this method of ordering and payment may incur,

but we appreciate your interest in supporting our project.

Greeting Cards.jpg

Be sure to state how many of each design when you order.

Blemished Greeting Cards

-7 Free Spirit.jpg
-54 2019 Arlington Fly-In.jpg

We have a handful of greeting cards with a minor blemish on the lower right corner of the cover image.

Without being informed of the location of the blemish, you might not even realize it is there, and it certainly does not interfere with the space available to write your message inside the card.

These cards are half-off at $2.00 each.  Envelope included.

Specify "Free Spirit" or "At the Barn" and the quantity of each when you order.

Orders filled first come, first served until they are gone.

3" Patch

Spirit Patch.jpg

These 3" stitch-on, photo emblem patches are stabilized on a polymer backing with ravel-proof border making them highly durable for years to come. Machine washable without fear of color fading or running. 

Fusible Pellon web (Wonder-Under for example) can be used to "iron on" the patch instead of stitching. 

$3.00 each

(2) for $5.00

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