There have always been plenty of projects for John to work on over the years.  Most of the ones we have highlighted here on these pages have been his own, but some of his clients' projects have been fun to follow as well.

Click on the photographs beside each project listed below to learn more about them.

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The Spirit of St. Louis by JNE

John  was always intrigued by the story and the flight of the Ryan NYP and thought he'd like to build a replica.  Little did he know when he started, that he would end up with the most authentically accurate replica ever built ...


Norman JW

While working on radial airplane engines, John thought it would be fun to build a motorcycle powered by an engine utilizing a couple of radial airplane cylinders ...

Pietenpol -2.jpg


Pietenpol Air Camper

The first airworthy airplane John built was a replica 1933 Pietenpol Air Camper, powered by a modified, water-cooled, Model 'A' Ford engine ...


1932 Plymouth

John was particularly creative when he decided to build a "Rat-Rod" out of a 1932 Plymouth 4-door sedan he had purchased in late 2002 ...

1932 Plymouth coupe.jpg



John was commissioned to complete a Stewart Foo-Fighter project into a static display with a mock engine that would become a 'yard ornament' at a Snohomish county landscape supply store.



John has had several Taylorcraft projects through the years.  This project was a BC-12D model ...

1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D.JPG


Piper Cub

After a bit of searching, John found a Piper J-3 Cub project that was desperately in need of restoration ...


Honda 600 Series

First a 1971 and then a 1972 model Honda car found their way into John's workshop at a time when gas prices began to soar ...

1971 and 1972 Honda 600 Sedans.jpg
1942 Hawker Hurricane AM274.jpg


Hawker Hurricane

From the wreckage of 3 Hawker Hurricanes shot down over Russia during World War II, John was able to restore AM274 to a configuration that will allow her new owner to get her fully airworthy ...



In the mid-1990's John discovered a 1946 Aeronca Champ that he took down to the bare metal fuselage and began a 'ground UP' restoration on it ....

Cropped Logo.jpg
1940 Taylorcraft BL-65.jpg



In late 2018 John stumbled across another Taylorcraft crying out to be restored.  Having to juggle the work on this one around the completion of the Ryan NYP replica, he is still working to get this one completed.  Stay tuned ...


1927 Ryan M-2

Once we found verification that Charles Lindbergh actually flew THIS particular Ryan M-2c, it was clear she needed to be restored to airworthy condition once again ...

1927 Ryan M-2C.jpg