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Stewart Foo-Fighter

In early August 2007 this 'Foo-Fighter' project was sent to JNE Aircraft to be completed as a static display.  

The owner was not a pilot, but instead, wanted to use it as a 'yard ornament' for his landscape supply business.

a bright red bi-plane with red wheel covers sitting outside with trees in the background.

The project consisted of a bare fuselage on its landing gear ... covered tail feathers in place on the fuselage ... wings on their spars with all ribs in place.

a bare fuselage of an airplane sitting on a flatbed trailer along with un-covered wooden wings, with a white building in the background.
the fuselage of the Stewart Foo-Fighter minus an engine, but on landing gear is covered with fabric painted silver. Trees and buildings in the far background and a grass field in the near background.

One week later John had the fuselage covered in fabric and ready to paint.

John found some old, non-airworthy cylinders in the barn that he used to make a 'mock' engine for the bird.  He had an old propeller that was no longer airworthy as well that he was able to use to make the airplane look real.

a 5-cylinder, mocked up engine and propeller
Stewart Foo-Fighter bi-plane with a mocked up engine on the front with a propeller attached sitting on the green grass with tall poplar trees in the background

By mid-September John had the wings completed and in place ... the mock engine painted up in place on the engine mount he built for the display.  The first coat of paint was on and the wheels were waiting to get covered with fabric.

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